A Light in the Dark

The Shadow Seeks Christoph?

How to talk to them?

We had travelled a distance away from the spider and web golem. I had on my mind too many questions. And the golem heart to study.

I wish I was in the Library in Limbo. I would be able to figure out the heart there in no time. Or if Rajine was around, my elven brother would be able to get the secrets out, especially with what I took from the fire realm.

I miss my brothers!

I helped to put my sister and Christoph into my tent. It was cramped but I’m certain that they would call it cozy. I wonder how mom would react if my sister took the werewolf as her mate. He did well with the last fight…

Jern took watch, but lets face it, his wounds were more serious than his gruffness would allow him to show.Asra took a nap beside him while I reveried. When I awoke he was asleep. Poor dwarf didn’t stir when I shifted his cloak to cover him better. Asra agreed to guard the camp while I went to do magic.

Ritual magic.

I drew the circles and the sigils. Checked them for any imperfections. A communing circle is rather easy to do and doesn’t require blood, thankfully.

Mother called the eight Elemental Lords. They are Gods. But her tradition didn’t see them as such. I called for Blah of Lightning, Vrynith of Light, Pryrico of Flame, The Wanderer of Air, Nameless of Shadow, Blah of Ice, Merlay of Earth, and Syrenia of Water. In the center I also called for the Gods of Magic. Then I focused and raised the energy, going to each mark and calling to each one, asking for help.

For each I left a gift for their time to talk with me. The first was Nameless.

I thanked him for rescuing me from the Beast and bringing me back. I asked him about Pyrico and Vrynith. They had lost their followers as the Kabal took more power. I pointed out that I’m back. And my sister still follows, at least I hope she does. But we aren’t enough. He further suggest that I yell his name. I was perhaps disrespectful when I told him I did many times while on the Plane of Fire. Surely I would have attracted his notice, but I didn’t. He’s the Phoenix. Pyrico will rise from the ashes, and the ashes are scattered. Nameless suggested blood.

Then it struck me as wrong, and I questioned Nameless about it. God of Shadows, Prophecy of sorts, Trickery, Riddles and Humility, or at least he was. Now, I fear he’s been corrupted as my sister said. He also made an error in bringing me back to now.

I’m here as a mistake.

Two years did go by for me. Not 9. If I had gone back to the correct time would I have been able to prevent the present situation? Or would I have been a casualty? I must not dwell. But I might have found my brothers. Those who wanted to work with us may have still been free. The sun would be out. No, dwelling on what I missed will only embitter me.

Focus instead on the riddle of whether or not the Elves are exterminated or in some sort of stasis. To find the Elves I will have to travel to their village which is where Uncle Toza will be. Without help, I am certain that we will die or worse. I need to find Pyrico and have him back in his forest. I need the elves’ help to bring him back as they did honour him. But I need his help to bring them out of stasis if they are in stasis. Who else can we get? Toza was an archmage. A book magus. And an elf. Magic is very much apart of him.

And, as my guardian before he was turned against us, he knows my True name. He also knows my twin’s. I don’t think Fifi knows how scared I am. But they mustn’t know.

Irony, ritual magic is stronger when blood is used. Ritual magic is also stronger when there’s more than 1 caster. Will the dwarf and man be willing to learn about ritual? Can they be trusted? Perhaps this is what Nameless meant? I possess Pyrico’s Talon. It would be better if I had the staff that Pyrico gifted father. But at least I have one direct link.

But the task is daunting.

I want my brothers!! But Nameless left without saying goodbye. He didn’t answer about them being alive, dead, or free. That and his persona is very unlike him. It’s very wrong, off even.

How did Nameless get corrupted? Is there a way to fix him? I loved playing with him as a child, he was safe and always caught me when I was bounced from the Prime and sent me back. Now? Now I’m not so secure in my safety with him. But I must hope he still doesn’t lie. He never lied to Mother.

I traveled the circle, trying to listen to whispers of each called upon God. Syrenia surprised me.

I purposely avoided drawing her attention to me in the past because I was certain that my being would be an affront to her. An insult. I still honoured her with gifts, but I am not like the others in Strom that did follow her.

She sounded old, angry and impatient with me. I asked her for aid to try and bring back how the world used to be, when she was not only feared but respected. She may not be interested in Pyrico, but Vrynith is vital to the land plants, he must be as well to the seaweeds and kelps. I gambled on that suspicion and then spoke of the beauty of the sun light on ocean waves and fish scales. Thank you Vivian for your wild stories. If you are alive I pray that you have a fine sail full of wind, if you are fallen, I hope you took many with you and you sail the eternal river.

Syrenia said she’ll consider what I said, and I thanked her for her presence and time.

No one else came.

I said thank you to any who listened but the gifts were still there. I gathered them up and eased the magic away. Then proceeded to erase the circles and sigils.

How am I going to broach the topic of ritual magic with 2 mundanes?

I got back to camp and noticed 2 things. One, Asra had gone hunting and brought back rabbits and pheasant for us, as well as fallen wood to cook by. And two, Jern and Christoph weren’t only fully healed but also knew what I had been up to. They jumped upon me. I half didn’t want to tell them, but half was trying to work out how to say what needed saying.

Seems Nameless thinks I can trust these two. But it’s still hard to talk magic to people who have a history of disgusting it, dwarves, or who know enough to get into trouble, Christoph.

It also doesn’t help that I managed to insult Christoph’s second diety, Warmonger. He wasn’t around when I was here before, though apparently 90 years ago he was, as Jern knew about him. Perhaps a regional diety? I don’t know why he didn’t hurt me for the offence. Perhaps he cursed me and I don’t know it yet? Not likely as he’s a god of force, battle and that sort of stuff. Perhaps a good God to dedicate difficult kills to? Though he did, scold, me for using magic to talk to gods. It’s rather unnerving to be scolded by a god I am not familiar with. And he actually gifted Christoph with a beautiful bow! Trouble is coming soon!!

After he left, I leant Jern the hammer I took from the Bazaar in the Brass City. I mean for Baeloc to get it when I find him, but I’m certain he won’t mind Jern testing it out first. If a God tells a mortal to look out for something, take heed.

Christoph is being hunted by a dragon known as the Shadow. He’s worried about his family. I wish I had something to scry with to help him. He doesn’t know why the harbinger of the mist is after him, but apparently Nameless also warned him. What did he or his family do to the dragon? And I don’t mean present family necessarily. Did an ancestor stick it with a lance? Or kill its mate? Can I use fire to scry? I grabbed what I thought I needed when I escaped. And things for my siblings, but I’m under prepared.

I really hope the dragon is not Obsidean.

Now I want Pronkar with us! He taught me a few things about weapons. Taught Baeloc more. I yelled for him. I hope he’s still him and not Kaballic. He’s been in these woods before, hunting mother, father, the good king, and the rest, before mom and him made peace when the king died. Jern was worried I was calling for another God. Seems my ritual wasn’t as covert as I aimed for. It did it like mom, but she had a sacred space to do her rituals. Am I the reason that Toza meets us at the lake village?

Now, how do I talk about rituals with people not raised on learning the basics? If they believe it is impossible for them to do, it’ll break the ritual…

And my sister is still out. I’m worried but it’s only been a day. I’ll have to share my tea with her. Please wake up. I don’t know enough of the invisible arts to help you more. Why didn’t you wake up when Nameless healed the other two? Please don’t be vision trapped.

Gods above and below, please send us help to help you. We need a foothold to start spreading hope and reborn the resistance.



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