A Light in the Dark

Restless Watch

A Friend Finds Me... I Hope

I spent 2 days mulling over what that Efreet had said.

The bastard who bought me is coming after me with a hunting party.

Not good. Not good at all.

I’ve been restless and have taken to patrolling while others watch. This night I awoke during Jern’s watch and slipped away. This portion of the forest is peaceful, like it’s holding its breath, or something nasty is watching and bidding its time.

Right. I’m getting paranoid and ill at ease.

I’m almost done my patrol when there’s a whisper on the wind. Then a blade at my throat and an arm around my waist. My hands were free and it crossed my mind to burn this intruder. Or that it could be a potential ally.

Miss me?

A sweet playful voice and the blade is removed and she caresses my stomach. I laugh quietly, for this sweet deadly lady is Psyren, a fellow escapee and my friend.

I gave her heck for taking so long to find me. And asked her how she found me, but she answered without answering. We talked quietly about the state of things. She doesn’t know if any of the other gladiators are still alive or free. I tell her of the Kabal. How do I tell her she has to hide her true self? She is stubborn and proud.

Jern finds us while I explain what’s going on. Now is the time it would seem.

I bid him and Psyren to sit and sat myself. Jern protested about the next person not being awake for watch. I sent Asra to wake the person. Turns out it was my sister. Good, she’ll have to meet Psyren before the others. Her orange blush flesh and fiery hair with black streaks totally scream Planar. I do not know how Daniel or Clarence will react.

I first begin about how the bastard isn’t ready to let a possession leave him and is seeking to cross over where I had crossed. That is now just over a month ago. He has a hunting party and I’m the prey.

While I do hope the Kabal feel the break between P!anes, I don’t count on them stopping the hunt. The bastard is extremely stubborn. I tell Jern he must keep Pheraya alive and safe. Even if it means knocking her out and dragging her away. Psyren got mad about my willingness to go back. She doesn’t get it. The bastard will kill those with me. If he figures out that Pheraya is my sister he will do horrible things to her to make me comply. I can survive and maybe escape a second time. My sister won’t fare so well. I try and convey the importance of Pheraya getting away; she’ll have a copy of several rituals that are important.

Psyren’s outburst doesn’t seem to cause Jern any discomfort. The Gods dealt him the cards he holds, he doesn’t see any options aside from what’s before him. Poor Dwarf.

I moved on, after correcting Psyren on my name. She called me Phyluvia, a name for a slave. I corrected her with my chosen name, Ishnaferya, Deadly Little Flame in Ronaarian. Then I told her Jern knows me as Ameira.

The plan, I explained was first initiate Pheraya into adulthood officially. We discussed the differences between my customs and his clan’s. I asked him to bear witness to a deed that she performed to prove her worth. It saddens me that we can’t do the ritual and celebration: her leading a hunt and the animal becoming the evening meal, with liabrations of mead, wine, and ale. In short, a debauchery not fit for a child’s witness.

Then, it’s the ritual to get Pyrico back. Predictably Psyren had much to protest as the first one she saw the after effects left me weak for days. I pointed out that I have a link to Pyrico, I have all of the supplies, I’m certain, another mage and my sister, and 2 warriors to teach how to raise energy and maybe her.

I do hold a ritual that should work. I hope it’s not a dud.

Afterwards, we trek to the village in the centre and try and awaken the elves. Toza may be there, my sister’s vision didn’t give much indication for time frame. But either way, we need the village. With the elves we’ll have allies, without, a safe place to recoup. And focus on the next task: liberating the dwarves.

I explained to Jern that I know Elta, well knew her. And that most likely, she would be taken to a mine rather than to work as a black smith. Dwarves are valuable. And the clanholds were overrun years ago, which stands to reason we should be able to sneak into a few. Jern seemed upset by the fact that the holds were lost, but keen that dwarves were on my list to break free. He added that anyone else at the mines will be taken too. He has a good sense of what’s right.

After that, well, it’s awakening other sleeping Gods. I don’t yet have a plan of attack aside that we need information. Next on my list is Merlai, the Earth Mother. Between the elf village and the dwarfholds, we may find the information we need. Or a priest.

Psyren made clear her position on rituals. But she doesn’t understand.

Jern went to bed and I sat with Pheraya, introducing her to Psyren. They spent a long moment silently appraising each other. Then Pheraya wanted to talk to me.

How well do I know that woman, was her first question.

We had been gladiatorial slaves, she was the first person who attempted to be my friend and slowly became such as the information on my opponents saved my life. I admitted that she’s my lover, and told her how she admired the tattoo that Pheraya had given me.

Of course she does. Just the tone alone gave me what was going on.

She’s like you. To which Pheraya had nodded. She told me to be careful. I informed her that Psyren does not want me to do anymore rituals. Which of course opened the dialogue to discuss Gronx, another slave, but one with privileges as he was champion. Pheraya’s statement on the ritual thing was that it’s part of us, our way of life. But on Gronx, he’ll be burned should she meets him. I told her he got me the dress I wear, while Psyren got me the gauntlets. Shemade an offhand remark about the silk gauntlets that I wear. Yes, Psyren gave them to me, I repeat. But you don’t know all that they do, do you? Was Pheraya’s response before leaving.

Before I retired for the rest of the night, Psyren and I headed back to where the beast that swallowed us had been to look for Christoph or his remains. Jern had forgotten about him til I mentioned him earlier. Odd.

I looked for the beast, and for remains and found nothing. While part of me hopes that Christoph got away, another portion believes he was totally dissolved. And great, it’s mobile. I’ll have to let the others know.



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