A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 12

In which we receive a delivery of assholes and asshole accessories

Ameira came up, began asking again about my dancing prowess. Explained that while we don’t really do monk wardances or whatever, we do have our own ceremonies and traditional dances. Asked her about some of the other gladiators that may have escaped. There was a big lizardkin named Sslith’lac with spikes implanted or.. Grown out of his body. Possibly by wizards. Another pile of muscles nearly the size of a giant that fights with a 50lb hammer.

Evening past. Wake up. Clarence and Daniel have dissapeared, apparently after his shift and before Psyren’s. Footprints heading in the direction we’re already going. Suggested that next time someone disappears overnight, we let everyone else know Immediately upon discovering it. Psyren doesn’t seem too married to the idea. I’m not so married to the idea of her having a watch then.

As the day went on, the footprints did not. Leastways I was no longer able to find them in the brush. We opted to continue on in the same direction in hopes of catching up to them. By the time evening came around we had no idea at all where they’d gotten themselves to. Ameira hadn’t spotted any trace of them from the sky, and we were running out of light. Found a spot to bunker down and proceeded to do so.

Morning came too early, and with Psyren pounced atop me. She must be full of lifting gas, cause she had hardly any weight to her.

Still no sign of the missing as the day passed. We arrived at the first ritual site. Assisted with the setup as best I could.

Started to learn Runearian(?) from Ameira. Very ancient language. Her mother’s language.

Began to actually prep the ritual sigils and markings as the evening finishes consuming what remained of the sunset.

Suddenly Psyren spoke up about a problem. Specifically, Fifi was standing behind her with a knife to her throat. Talking in a different voice. Began to put my armour back on, but was stopped.

Ameira and her spoke briefly in a tongue I didn’t recognize, before she charged, and Fifi went unconscious. As I picked up my hammer and shield there was a bunch of rustling from the bushes. Pointed this out, and Ameira lobbed a fireball to be met by screaming and bodies being tossed aside. A group of fighters, robed types, a near-giant guy with swinging balls, and a lizard. Check who Ameira wants alive. Apparently the big guy is Gronx. Keep him alive. Alright. Charge and crush one of the clothies. She didn’t want him dead Either. Just the shouty bastard.

Simple enough.

Scratch that, she Doesn’t want anyone killed.

Battle continues for a bit. Now she wants all the Humans killed, and more assholes keep entering the fray.

And more.

And now there are more casters, and Ameira is starting to panic.

The casters froze most of their own crew to death, leaving themselves as pretty well the only significant targets. Not a good decision on their part.

They quickly perished.

After no significant celebration, Ameira went over and confirmed that Fifi is technically still alive, though comatose.

We strip all the bodies, move them off to the side, desecrate them as is appropriate, and toast the lot.

Couple more bodies appear. Pronkar is here apparently. Greeted the first familiar face I’ve seen since arriving. He and Ameira began to chat. Sounds like he serves her? Kayshna is the one that stole Fifi’s soul. Guess we need to get it back. Shit.



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