A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 11

In which my shift ended way too late.

Night shift went uneventful. Shook my replacement to wake’m up, went off to find a dry patch of dirt to fix. Heard voices, one of which was clearly Ameira. Wandered over the way to find out what was up. Heard talking about a bastard and a freak and how dwarfy I am. Interesting stuff.

Ameira was sitting next to something else, in a couple manners of speaking. Psyren, I think her name was? Red skin, hair like fire and embers, and flirtatious in a way that my lack of sleep did Not leave me equipped to deal with. Sat down at their request and we chatted for a while. Talked about some firey bastard named Efreet, who had held Ameira and Psyren as slaves. Sexy-slaves/Gladiators. Showed me a towering image of his toasty self. Apparently he intends to come here, kill Ameira, and steal Fifi. Which would be very bad.

We discussed the current plan of finding areas that are special to the gods, and doing these rituals Ameira’s so fond of. Psyren sounds less confident in her ability to do them, but who am I to judge. Part of this plan may involve Ameira killing herself to hold the bastard back while I escape with Fifi. Not exactly my style, but should it come to that, I gave her my word. Ideally though, it sounds like we’re going to try and find an alliance; if not just temporary lodgings; with the elves that have holed up somewhere in the forest. Reinforce our paltry group with whatever resources they can lend, rescue what remains of my people from slavery, as well as any others that have been taken for such, and be prepared for his arrival with the aforementioned gods.

We also talked a bit about the pits they fought in, and how they were forced in the end to come to arms with each other. They disagreed, blew a hole in the arena, and freed as many of the other slaves as possible on their way out. They made particular note of one of the champions, Gronx. No idea whereabouts he wound up though. Either way their ex-boss sounds like a complete shit, and I look forward to not needing to fulfill that promise, and help take the bastard down.

Was passing out on my stump, and the conversation was dwindling, so I excused myself and
hunted down what few hours of rest were still afforded to me.



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