It is the 13th year of the 6th Age. In the final year of the 5th Age, the final bastion of hope (the Kingdom of Strom) fell, and Xystus proclaimed himself High King with none left to oppose him. It was in the 6th year that a dense fog arrived on the western coast, and in just under a year it had enveloped the entire world.

The land has been divided into four Territories (A’trix, Ba’kys, Ca’tys, and L’tox) with a powerful Mage Lord in command of each, each under the rule and command of Xystus.

The Mage Lords:

A’trix: Narm
Ba’kys: Nharveer
Ca’tys: Lorelei
L’tox: Toza

The worship of any God besides Kahstol, the Conqueror (also known as the Black Unicorn), has been outlawed. The Inquisition hunts for those who worship other deities, as well as those who oppose the rule of Xystus. Magic is reserved for those in positions of power, and children who show talent for the magical arts are taken from their parents at a young age and raised as agents of those in power, and groomed for whatever task Xystus or the Mage Lords deem appropriate.

There are rumours of a resistance, but it is said that it was quashed nine years ago, when the leader of the resistance (Ystera, former Princess of Mysel) joined herself in marriage to Xystus, and became High Queen.

Xystus demands but two things: Obedience and Worship. He rules by fear, and deals swiftly with those who oppose him. All hope seems lost for the goodly peoples, who seem to be satisfied merely with survival.

Adventure Logs are highly encouraged. If you complete your Adventure Log before the following session, you will receive a 10% bonus to the XP gained that session. If all players complete their Adventure Logs for the week prior to the next session, all players will receive a 15% bonus to their XP gained that session.

A Light in the Dark

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