A Light in the Dark

We Party and We Work and Party Again and Repeat

It's Raining Elves! NAMELESS!!!!

It was nice, really nice, to awaken next to the man I love. It’s not a revery. It’s reality.

Phaeron brought me breakfast. We talked quietly.

There will be no way we can keep this between the two of us, especially with many of our traveling companions plotting to bring us together. And a matronly goddess granting me peace and calm, even if it’s only temporary.

Everyone heads out to work with the elves reclaiming their homes. I stayed in and studied the scrolls in my keeping. One has a new signature, no idea who the writer is yet. Another was written by my father. If Toza has my father I’m in more danger than I thought…. he almost killed my mother when she was pregnant with my brother and I. He had been claimed by Kayshna. Mother had pleaded with the gods to bring him back… is he gone again?

Or, he’s dead and this is booty the wizard took. Not likely. Father was just as much a survivor as mother.

I study the other scrolls learning what I can. The priest scroll gave me a headache again. Grrr!

I drink some nectar and then head out to find the halfling. He did cast sanctuary… he’s a priest. Finding him proved an interesting challenge. But find him I did. I told him about the scroll and how to study for the caster’s signature. As well as tracking. Seems scrolls are not tracked. This is good news. He gets the scroll, I get a name, Biggles. I give him a name, he doesn’t seem to fancy the name I picked for myself, so I tell him to just call me Ameira. He goes back to observing elves and I translate the interesting bits of conversation. Then I head off to look for Sslith’lac.

We help the elves while he explains how his monestary worked. The meditation while in motion. He still believes that I’m honourable. How? I do not know. It is a calming time. I think he wants me to return to how I was. An impossible task.

Then we are to get cleaned up and ready for a party.

The group talks before dispersing to join the revelry. We discuss how long we are staying for. I want to leave in 3 days as the planars are on the move and I don’t want to bring trouble to the elves. They actually agree. We need to pick where to face not only them, but the Kabal that will follow. The Planars can track me, possibly by the tattoo. I wish Fyraiia would tell me if it’s magical or not.

Then we debate about whether or not to avoid or engage the Kabal patrols between us and this place called Ironhold. Lovely name. I’m reminded that not all the members are willing members. Yes, the taint. I remind Osozo that my mother was obsessed with figuring out how to break the hold. But for now, they are our enemies and will seek to kill and capture us. I’m more of a lets kill them and limit their army size now type of gal…. that and the loot, supplies and battle.

We don’t come to a set plan. But it’s off to party.

Shadow follows an interesting battle dancing tradition. It’s different from mine, but there are some similarities. Then the girl issues a challenge. Mayhap we can find a common ground? I accept it, in a flourish of course. We fight in dance form, our respective blades in hand. She has nifty techniques, still raw, yet fully formed, but great potential. I wish Mariah is still alive and free, she could teach this one much.

We come to an end, and I move to dance with the flames, while she drinks 4 or 5 glasses of elven wine. Childish youth. Perhaps even innocent? Tonight I intend to remain sober. I head to the pyre and dance after ensuring Shadow will drink nectar and eat foods. Then everyone disappears!

I growl, weapon out. I move quickly to find Shadow. She’s beyond drunk. Then I look for Fyraiia, after leaving Asra with Shadow. She too is drunk. I bring the mage to the young one. I can hear Jern. Then I hear the laughter of the mad god.


He plays a game, but I do not relent. I tell him, yes, tell a god, bring back the elves. Healthy, alive, uninjured, and with memories intact. He drops them from the sky. I tell him to bring them down gently. Amazingly he slows down the fall of the screaming elves. And he doesn’t try to undo what Ylena did. Though he did grunt and moan about me ruining his fun.

It takes a bit before the elves resume their party. But I’m not feeling like dancing.

So then it’s off to bed with me, though Phaeron intercepts me and we head to his cabin.

I know Phaeron wants children. I do too, but not now. Now is too risky, too dangerous. Doesn’t he see the dangers? Apparently not, for he reminds me that I’m safe. I’m not.

If the Planars get me, the bastard will use me as he did before, if I’m lucky. Without a child to be used against me to keep me in line, I will be free to plot escape, revenge, and resistance. With a child… he may kill it, sell it or hold it hostage.

If the Kabal get me… experiments are certain to follow. Or tainting…. or banishment. The Kabal were after my brother and me when we were infants. Then again after the period of repeat ended. Now they have my brothers and sister. Almost the complete set… maybe my father. Also my mother? Dear gods….. that’s a terrifying thought. Mother was on her way to becoming a full fledged Magus. And father.. he’s very powerful in his own right.

Phaeron doesn’t seem to want to talk, and that stings.

I slinked back to my cabin, let him sleep in his bed.

Up early, studying the wands. Then practicing my dance. Once the sun gets up, I’m looking to break my fast then I help the elves alongside Sslith’lac. I find Psyren behind me and taking my wrist. It is time. She is going to tattoo me, her own design and pick of location on my flesh, and of course her choice of ability. It gives me time to think. I need to figure out how to discuss stuff with Phaeron. But that’s not going to be easy. We don’t discuss the sky raining elves.

And it’s again a night of dancing, drinking, and fun. Except again I intend to stay sober. We are to leave tomorrow.

To Ironhold. Convince Lheare to allow me to assault mines and slave farms. Figure out where Lheare spied the relic linked to Oceania. Figure out the holy sites for Oceania and Merlay. Yes. I will be busy. Now, who aside from Jern will travel with me?



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