A Light in the Dark

The Adventures of Princess Floofy Pants and Sidekick! Part II

Why Won't You LOVE ME????

Princess’ Log
Sillydate: Anyr 3, 6A 13

More bitching happens. No one asks me my benevolent opinion. Feel slighted. They don’t understand my magnificousness.

Get moving again. Still some complaining and arguing.

Ugly Dead Things attack! Band together to fight! Everyone except me……. :(

Had enough. Bitch at Sidekick! Complain about Younger, Sexier model. Damned trollop!

Sidekick seems angry! I needed food, afterall! Why’d he leave something so yummy so close if it wasn’t for me? It’s not like the cloak is gone…….

Scowley, Horny, Winged guy arrives! Sidekick could take him…….

…….with my help.

……………..only with my help.

We’re off! Travel travel. Such hard work!

And we stop for darker dark time.

Crazy Devil Lady wants to study me! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Voice my displeasure. She gets sassy with me. I think she’s trying to move in on Sidekick.


Get through to Sidekick. Make him understand how Special I am. How important my food was.

Princess’ Log
Sillydate: 6A Anyr 4, 13

More travelling. No fighty-fights. No chance to see if Sidekick truly saw error of his ways.

Get to a spooky cave. Looks spooky. Not sure I want to go in….

We go in! It’s an Adventure!!!!

Travel according to Scary Devil Lady’s directions, until she doesn’t know the way. Sidekick takes over.

Good Sidekick!

Stop for the night. Talk more. BOOOOOOOOOOO-riiiiiiiiiiing……..

Scary Devil Lady is scared. Huh… New Name!

Scared-y Devil Lady goes to talk to Dark and Brooding. Talk for a while. Then talks to Hussy Lady. Then talks to Big-O Man.

Boring stuff. Bleh.

Sleep time. Maybe Fighty-Fight tomorrow!



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