A Light in the Dark

Solitude Isn't Solitude When Company Won't Leave

Who made what now?

We’ve traveled for many grey foggy days. I can hear the group, but I’m not yet ready to be close to them. And my sister won’t leave my side.

I know she’s concerned. But damnit! I need to adjust. This isn’t the world I left! Its not where I belong! But I can’t just do nothing. Mother wouldn’t. So I won’t. Lets get to the Phelmyr and find some sort of lead if not the Elves.

At night I circle the camp they made, ensuring that nothing hunts them while they sleep. It’s great being able to revery again! My sister voices her worry about how I won’t fully commit to the group.

She can’t understand. I never want her to know what happened. She doesn’t need to know.

I saw a flare of fire the other night. A pyromancer? Is it free or is it an enemy cloaked? I will have to study it and see.

Before I can, the fool of a barbarian runs to a group I can’t see. I turn to look for more seed pods for the Guardians, then I hear battle. I grab the pods and start to fun to the fight, my sister following. We are so close to the Phelmyr, what could they be fighting?

When we finally arrived, the fight was over and the undead were dead. I examined them, allowing my sister to treat the wounds.


Not good. Not good at all.

The fools didn’t know what they fought or who made them. They allowed some to escape!

We were too close to the Phelmyr to try and turn away, so instead I encouraged them to push on. Xystus made these things. He’s a powerful necromancer. And the damned leader of the Cabal. I know not if he lent them out or if they were patrolling. But we had to leave.

Theories are that the boneclaws can also evolve from skeletons exposed to great amounts of magic. But I doubt it was a rogue group. Xystus struck mother as too much of an ego driven control freak to allow something like a boneclaw to make its own troop much less meander.

We walked a couple of days hard into the forest seeking the centre. But my sister had a horrible dream, well vision. Toza would meet us on the desolate island where the Elves once lived. My hopes of finding mother there ruined. As much as I bantered with Christoph over the day and tried to make light with Jern, I wasn’t relaxed. I changed our heading to go south. To head to where I spent my childhood, where Uncle Toza rules. Strom.

We need help and it’s going to be risky, especially with a dwarf. Can we find the remains of Bryntek? Mother strongly believed he was important to preventing the Cabal from gaining the land, and blamed herself for his death. Or books on lore, ancient history regarding that mystery island?

It’s a huge risk. Uncle Toza knows my true name. And Fifi, as Christoph calls her, just destroyed a tree, and I burned our way out from underneath.

We must work on discretion.

But that was now days ago.

Today I’m standing over the many remains of people killed and eaten by a giant spider and a web golem. I hate golems! I fought several in the arena. They hit too hard, and someone’s spirit was always bound in the heart. And I have its heart. A magus somewhere is going to be pissed.

My sister exhausted herself, and is now unconscious. Jern damn near died, and has my sister beside him. The wounds seem bad… But it’s Christoph who is battered. The spider’s poison stole his strength. And I now have to figure out where to go.

Did Toza make the golem? Or one of his underlings? Do they know it’s been destroyed? Did they see through its many eyes? We must move somewhere so they can heal their wounds. Oh kind Merlay, show me a haven, please.

Who’s soul was used to power the golem? Can we get it out? Do we want to?



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