A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt 9.

In which we forget how to remember ourselves.

Continued on our way. Dragging FIFI along. Emeira began asking us how we are with magical theory. Explained my extensive background with such matters. She needs our assistance completing some kind of ritual for sake of summoning even More gods. Or perhaps drawing the attention of things that can capture gods. Either way. 50/50.

Apparently the god of the forest we’re in is one of Fire. The forest of a Fire god. Sounds like a healthy place to be.

More theological discussion was had. Much surprise that I don’t know much about magic or meditation. She wants to bring down the sun too.

Shit started to get dark. Then we were being charged by the head of a big dark unicorn. Split up and tried to get it’s attention. I guess it’s coming for Fifi?

What the fuck have the fates gotten me into.

Castal appeared in front of us. Barely managed to dodge out of the way as lightning slammed to the earth behind me. I guess Warmonger’s here again? Their battle is giving the earth seizures, making my feet go numb. Not a lot of purchase to be found that isn’t shaking right now. Just kept running as directed.

Well, maybe not so as directed, as Emeira had to keep coming down and putting me back on course. Trees.

Eventually met up with the other pair. Apparently Fifi is now awake. So That’s a thing.
Kristoff started dogging behind. Made a solid recommendation for a new exercise regime. It was not well received.

He starts pulling stuff out of his pockets. Underwear, Manacles, I stopped paying attention pretty quick.

After a bit I guess we found a safe distance from the battle of gods, as Emeira brought our congregation to a light jog. Our new aim is to keep going the exact same way we were before, but slightly to the left. I guess that will fool the god that’s hunting us.

I’ll keep my hammer and shield at the ready.

Discussions of unconscious snuggling and weasel locations. I continue on my way.

Lots of discussion over who can find the best nuts?

Warmonger and the Unicorn are still having it out back there.

Evening comes. Emeira tries to teach me ritual symbols. Would probably be a lot of great information for a clan runesmith. I am not that. However, surrounded by mist, I certainly didn’t have anything else to focus on during my watch.

Woke up alongside my wife, Elta. Morning comes way too soon after an evening of anniversary. No matter what year it is. Too bad This morning came the day of our visit with Emeira and Kristoff.

Splashed the cobwebs out of my head, got dressed, and we took off.

Pleasantries were had. Breakfast. We go hunting.

As we were about to take down our first boar for the day, Emeira had it dead to rights, but hesitated. I saw this, and that the boar had her between it’s tusks. Made my move and pinned it’s skull to the ground.

Questioned her about the hesitation. She was feeling off. Unusual. Sent the boar back with a couple of the guards, and the two of us went off after another.

Got back with much bigger prey this time. Went back to the castle. Eme and Kris went off for a bit of chat.

Explained the situation to Elta. The 4 of us all went off to determine what the issue was with that weird boar.

We came upon the court magician. Fifi. Didn’t recall her being there. She called Emeira “Your Majesty” This seemed odd coming from Emeira’s sister. Had sudden flashes of remembrance. Us meeting each other in the forest, Fifi was there with us. The others didn’t remember any of that. Whatever imaginings were roaming throughout my head quickly faded, and no longer wrested my belief in reality, once I found my way to the nearest watercloset and made sick.

Cleaned up, went back, and met up with the group. Apologised for my foolishness, and we continued with our day.

Business went well. The meal was delightful. The dancing afterwards apparently didn’t go so well, as Emeira and Kristoff stopped half way through and took off. Went over to make sure everything was alright. Emi was having one of those memory spells as well. Starting to have recollections of the forest I was confused about earlier. We went for the court magician again.

More of those false memories started to come back. More and more. Piling up as Emeira and I keep finding things we remember in common. We’ve come to the conclusion that we’re suffering some kind of shared hallucination or dream. We need to get ourselves out.



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