A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt 8.

In which apparently we're friends with Gods now?

We found some kind of “safe” location in the middle of the misty death woods. Made all the more so by the fact that we have a strip of cloth to hide under. Got fed a bunch of small woodland creatures. I don’t appear to be bleeding out.

Wake up to something sitting on my chest. Some kind of hallucination? Some kind of sassy whatever it is, as it bemoans my wounds, and then…. Fixes them? Friend of Kristoff’s, apparently. Probably a dream. Try to leave the area, cause fuck that. Come back into the other side of the scene, further confirming the theory. Also, the imp thing says it has controlled other dreams of mine? Not too sure what that means

Kirstoff’s also awake. Then asleep. Then awake. Apparently he’s talked with this thing before. Something called Nameless? Fancies itself a god, I guess? Appears to be some kind of trickster.

It asked what it can do for us. I have no idea what it can do for us.

Gave us some potions? PInched my ass and fucked off. Emeira came back. Brought more food.

Confirmed she was the one who called nameless. No real information as for what purpose.

Apparently there are shadow monsters that worship a unicorn named Castal? Also a water god named Seabitch. I suspect that’s not on her birth certificate.

Slightly surprised that Kristoff worships Warmonger. Doesn’t seem to be a complete asshole though, so maybe that’s Not a requisite?

Off we go. To somewhere. To meet a holy place. Apparently Emeira has chats with all the gods? Cause, you know, who doesn’t? Someone suddenly walked into the group. And is warmonger. Covered in weapons, of the unshitty variety. Can’t rightly recall what he looked like.

Mocks our gear. Hands Kristoff a new bow. A Warbow. Fucked off behind a tree.

Ameira lent me her brother’s warhammer, in lieu of Princess’ realiability. We decided to head off towards somewhere elves are. Wonderful.



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