A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt 7.

In which spiders and spider accessories can go suck an egg.

Spoke some with Emeira. Learned that someone named Xyxzus or the likes probably created the spike fingers? Not sure who that is, some kind of Necromancer I guess? We’re heading towards some little town. Either way we’re heading towards some little town I don’t know. As opposed to a bigger town I don’t know where said Xyxzyz might be waiting for us for reasons I don’t know. This week has been a pile of bullshit, and there’s no sign of it stopping.

We were woken up in the middle of the night by a blood-curdling scream. Fifi’s thrashing about in her sleep, having some kind of nightmare. Apparently this is a normal occurrence, which of course is nothing that should have been discussed Prior to hunkering down in the middle of spooky woods, where we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.

The wolf and I repositioned to the other side of a tree so as to help dampen the noise, and were promptly rewarded with a further blasted shriek, but literally this time. As in it tore a hole in the middle of the tree, causing it to collapse on the two sisters, and our food, and the campfire.

Managed to get them extricated, and the burning tree off the goods. No significant damage, but It was bloody well time to get the hell out of that bullseye. Moved on, set up camp. Rest of the evening went fortunately without event.

Morning passed, and we continued on the way. Found out after a while that we were heading basically the opposite direction that we were the day before. Apparently there was some kind of revelation overnight, that something scary was waiting for us where we were heading to, so now we’re headed somewhere else. Vision related to the screaming, I suspect.

Eventually we came across a bunch of giant webs. Shockingly, they had giant spiders with them. Turns out I still hate those things. Managed to crush the one that dropped down; despite Princess’ protestations, but was surprised by some kind of web golem assaulting me from behind. With a combination of fire, violence, fire, having my esophagus forced out of my mouth, fire, fortuitously timed healing potions, and fire, we all managed to survive; if barely. Emeira went up to the canopy to burn the hell out of everything. I took Kristoff and Fifi and got us out of the drop zone as shit started falling from nests and branches.

Collected what few valuables dropped, and we regrouped. Sort of.

So Fifi’s unconscious, potentially with some form of brain damage, and Kristoff is too exhausted to move. We’ve managed to set the two up on a blanket to drag them along with us as we get the hell away from here. Will they be safer where ever we’re headed? Hell, will we ever even arrive? How long till another prophetic fart or wandering pack of undead tells us to turn around yet again?



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