A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 20

In which we learn the sound of Ameira's alarm

Woke up suddenly in the night to the sound of the alarm going off, and the sound of excruciated screaming.

The elven spellblood is looking panicked, standing overtop of Ameira, who is writhing on the ground in agony. Lock down the spellblood, who says she tried to dispel magic, and maybe wasn’t expecting a negative reaction.

Biggles shuts down the noise, and I grab hold of the sorcerer. She’s not going anywhere.

Found out that she was trying to remove Ameira’s slave tattoo, at her own request. Now she’s broken and the elf doesn’t know if that’s cause the spell worked or cause it didn’t work and this is the intended reaction.

We determine physical healing doesn’t work. Consider other arcane possibilities without finding any answers. Offer up the alternative of divine intervention, in case this is indicative of soul damage.

Figure Pyrrico owes Ameira a favor for returning him to the world, but as none of the rest of us have any real connection to Pyrrico, and I don’t know how to pray to him, our most likely option for assistance is gonna have to be through Nameless. It’s not a Great option, but you go to war with the army you have.

Biggles puts out an APB for his god. HIs god responds by tossing a couple of people into the trees above us. Couple of humans that call themselves Makkos and Fynn. Gaudy flame-motifed robes, but Makkos has the symbol of Pyrrico.

Talk to them. They’re both drunk as shortbeards. Try my damndest to get information about a prayer to the fire god out of Makkos. We need to burn something, and we need to focus on the fire, and we need to ?, and then profit.

All that, and Finn’s a caster. The two didn’t really have much to offer. Decided to pull out the books of rituals, and try to put together the same circle we used when we were awakening Pyrrico. Hopefully the ritual itself doesn’t define the intent behind it. I certainly don’t know enough about them to draw any conclusion there. Set Ameira in the center of a pyre made from wood and herbs that we believed to be holy to the firegod, drew the circles, started drumming, and we set to work. Shadow took point on the ritual itself, calling to Pyrrico, offering up some of her hair, and leading the dancing. Had the followers apply fire. Hours and hours later, Ameira was no longer screaming, and appeared to have fallen asleep.

Stayed up throughout the night outside the tent that Phaeron took her into, as if my being on watch would somehow be of assistance to her slumber.

Sun got up, and so did Ameira. Either the ritual worked, or her affliction was temporary. She seems to be herself, give or take what sounds like a hell of a headache. Once she had some tea and the chance to get her head together, we explained the situation. Her tattoo is still there.

It’s agreed that the Bastard probably knows where we are due to the obvious alarm system that got triggered.

We opt to take the fuck off. Give thanks to and part ways with the followers of Pyrrico.

Days go by without little of interest. Ameira enchanted up some temporary flaming butterfly tattoos that apparently allow those they sit on to talk at a distance. Got out of the forest.. Again? Either way, into the plains.

WIth Ameira scouting the air, and Shadow scouting the ground, we eventually come across a group of Kabal casters and warriors. Still not too used to communicating via art, but for as weird an enchantment as it is, it works.

Got details on the numbers, and the look of the guy who’s likely in charge. We’re going to take advantage of the fog to get ahead of their troupe and set up an ambush.

The Cabal group wandered almost in between us, but must have spotted someone as they stopped and demanded we show ourselves. The column is engulfed in flames from multiple directions. The big asshole fighter boss apparently saw me, came over and tried to bisect me. It didn’t work completely. Managed to take him down with Shadow’s help, as well as another couple of the bastards. It was a quick, but messy fight.

Gathered the bodies together and began stripping them down.


They’re fire butterflies. Tattoos, actually. Temporary for others. :-)

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 20

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