A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 18

In which Elves learn how to fly.

At some point in the evening I saw Ameira and Phaeron take off together. They seem to be reconciling, and it’s been made pretty clear that she doesn’t need me trying to keep him away from her.

More imbibing and festivity, and I set off for my bed.

Woke up in the middle of the night, straddled by Psyren. She refuted the idea that she perhaps missed her bed.

I wasn’t able to convince her I was too drunk.
Morning came quicker than anticipated, Broke fast and went out to assist the elves in getting back to their lives as well as I could.

As the day went on, we got the group together to discuss our next steps. It’s agreed that we need to make our way towards the Resistance’s camp, The method of doing so, however, was up for debate. Specifically, whether or not we should employ subterfuge or slaughter when crossing paths with any of our caballic aggressors. Sounds like we’ll be aiming towards the latter, to my chagrin.

We carry on into the night, within which imbibing continues. And drumming. I’m finding new beats for a number of traditional dwarven songs.

Hours pass, and suddenly all the Elves of the town disappear. This comes as somewhat of a surprise. I start looking around for my friends and finally run into them. The elves are all there and slowly descending to the ground.

Look for answers. Not going to find any, because it was Nameless’ doing. Shadow appears beside me, welllllll liquidated. Talking about saving the elven race, riding a dinosaur, other drunken misadventures. Puts her arm around me and proceeds to immediately pass out into my own. I suspect this was her first time imbibing. Carry her off to an empty bed in one of the cabins, and leave her preparations for the morning.

The rest of the night passed rather uneventfully, as did the following day. Helped out some more around the village, and then continued studying the runes and rituals that I need to learn for the next set of rituals.

Final night of festivities. Good times.



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