A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 17

In which Elves are gonna Elf.

Get back down and into the city. Do a quick check around, make sure everyone’s doing alright. Throgg called down from one of the ledges, wanting to know the way up. Pointed him to the surface. Probably getting claustrophobic or something. Orcs.

As everyone is basically awake at this point. We opt to get going up to the surface. We gather and get going. Advice presented as to avoid anything that could be misinterpreted as aggressive, as these elves are not fond of outsiders.

These elves, in a village, on an island, in a lake, in the middle of a forest, don’t like outsiders. And I thought I’d heard everything.

We breach the surface, and eventually meet up with a set of elven scouts. Ameira takes the lead, as she begins talking to them in whatever version of the elven tongue this is.

They want us disarmed. Ameira asked to speak to a specific elder. I want to know when we’re getting them back. They don’t provide a guarantee that we will, which I disagree with through her.

Fortunately, Princess Floofy Pants no more wants to be taken than I want to be without protection. I explain the situation, and she opts to turn into a teddy bear. It’s not quite the kind of toy my daughter was fond of, but I can work with it.

We find Throgg and Phaeron in a cage. Their freedom is negotiated, and shortly after we’re called into the Elder’s quarters, Throgg and Ameira at each other’s throats the entire way.

Blah blah Elfy blah blah Pyrico blah Warmonger blah blah blah. Whole lotta words I don’t know.

Drama involving Throgg and his mumblings. Seems to be getting calmed down. Ameira has apparently been charged with teaching Throgg the language. We’re gonna need to get a second translator in there to ensure she doesn’t just teach him how to get himself in trouble.

We’re sent out towards a set of cabins. Get cleaned up down at the lake. Shine and polish my equipment. Get my beard and hair all braided up.

Warmonger shows up behind Throgg as Ameira and I were headed towards the party. Couldn’t keep the grin off my face in expectation of bloodslaughter. Unfortunately he was just there to chat, and find out what the deal with the ugly human worshipper of his was. He wants Throgg to make friends with Ameira.

I start to wander off, when Psyren catches me. She needs my help apparently. Wants to see Ameira and Phaeron relaxing, and intends to deal with the latter. Not sure I’ll be able to convince her to set the weight off her shoulders for a night, but I may as well try. Grab a bottle and go after her.

Throgg catches up as I’m on my way. Apparently Warmonger had similar goals, as he’s been asked to extend a fig leaf to her with more wine. Warmonger’s trying to make peace. Gods are confusing.

The two of us find her up in a tree, and somehow manage to get her down for a chat. Throgg seems to have calmed down from wanting her dead for the moment, is now supposed to challenge her to a test of skill instead?

I suggest a drinking contest, as we have the wine there. Everyone else starts showing up.

Ameira makes it clear she has no interest in such a contest, and goes off to dance around a nearby firepit. I join after her with Throgg following along shortly.

Dancing, drinking, drumming, dining.

Throgg and Warmonger talk some about needing to find a goddess named Doll or Oceana. Both maybe. Not the goddess of water, in case her name didn’t make that obvious.

Got sniffed by Warmonger. Says I’ve been making waves. Making waves by helping raise Pyrico. Apparently I caused Oceana to disappear by arriving here? And also She’s the one who brought me? I’m not taking any blame on this, as I never asked to come here. Any problems I’m causing are the responsibility of whoever decided I wasn’t allowed to live out my own life.

We also discuss how there was war building before I left, and how shit south shortly after my departure. Power hungry mages and kingslayers. Figures, only humans could fuck up the world this badly in a mere 30 years.



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