A Light in the Dark

Jern Staalbred: Journal - Pt. 16

In which we finally actualize intention.

Wake up suddenly from something bouncing off my face. Ameira’s ferret is there dancing around my head. Take a look around and see that no one else is here. Not sure why I was left here, wherever the others went, but that mystery can be left for later. Confirm as best I can with the gesturing of a little weasel that I’m to follow.

Charge through the tunnels as I’m lead, before I start hearing the sounds of combat.

Find my allies at arms against a Rust Monster. Quickly buckle up my cloak, and wrap Princess Floofy Pants up in one of my spare shirts as I charge in.

I run past Clarence, who is apparently here now. Suddenly something strikes at me from behind. We’ve been snuck up upon and flanked by a set of corpse collectors. Been a while since I’ve seen one of those. Crush the one by me to the floor, and charge after Clarence, who had already succumbed to their paralytic bullshit.

Ameira flies in quick-like and ends the second one. She drops down onto Clarence’s chest and threatens his life. I tease him a bit and remind her that it’s hard to question that which cannot answer.

Jeff; Daniel’s Bat that is distinctly not a Crow, but is distinctly an ass; makes an ass of himself.

Pick up Clarence in a fireman’s carry and bring him back to camp.

He wakes up, we try to explain what’s been going on. After some brief exposition, he goes around and introduces himself.

Food is passed out by Jorn. He refuses not to honorific Ameira, despite her complaints. The food’s pretty damn tasty at least.

We pack up and head on our way. Gronx packing the egg as he is wont to do.

As Clarence lost his armour against the rust monster, we have him try on the glamored breastplate. It fits.

As we continue through the tunnels, Ameira suddenly takes off ahead of us, followed quickly with Daniel. None of the rest of us have a chance to catch up.

Suddenly we hear Ameira screech. I charge down the tunnel in that direction. Another scream. Hear shouts of fighting, casting, and general arguing.

By the time we get to where they fighting, they’d already taken off. Continue the pursuit. Eventually catch up to where Daniel is sitting on the ground panting and bleeding, and Ameira is on the ground. Psyren has apparently whipped her unconscious.

Psyren indicates that Ameira’s memories were catching up with her. Hallucinations or some such. Clarence carries the two and we move on.

The day progresses and eventually we decide it’s time to find a place to rest. I recall that at the previous fork, the opposite path seemed to lead into a cave. Might be worth checking out.

We get back, I head in, and yeah, I think I was right. The cave opens to a cliff face, with stairs leading down to a huge stone city. Quick recconaissance indicates the city is clear. We head down, Ameira unconscious in Phearon’s arms. I call for everyone to reconvene in the center, and go after them.

We all reconvene, figure out where everyone’s going to sleep, set up watches that can keep an eye on all the exits/entrances. A bit of time to settle and discuss indicates that this was once an elf city. Abandoned for ages. No travel in/out for many decades. Still.

Wake up to Princess trying to wake me up. Apparently Daniel called me slow while I was sleeping. Pfft. Oh well.

Come downstairs and out into the decided common area. Call out Daniel for equating himself with the Orc. Princess begins harassing Clarence out of his own sleep. Take the piss a bit when he comes down complaining of voices telling him to kill. We gather the supplies we need from the city and the flammables we need from the walls and doors.

Ritual begins while everyone else sleeps. Ameira indicates that it should take Much less time. Get the rythym going.

Few hours pass, she sets her rapier down by the egg, and shit explodes. Flames everywhere, and Pyrico erupts from his egg. He begins growing, and immediately books it off towards the one path that leads out. It’s not the kind of sight you can describe properly, nor is it the kind that can ever dull in memory.

Before I have the time to properly unpack what just happened, Ameira takes flight and charges after our God reborn. I pick up Clarence, who was all fucked up from the ritual, let out a call that we’re on the move, and chase after.

Before I even get out of the tunnel, we’re met again by Ameira. Everything is done, and Pyrico has left. FUCK. I wanted to see that shit. Fortunately she was able to replicate it in miniature with the flames. Witnessing what he did through the flames only enflames my irritation at having not gotten to see it with my own eyes. It’s not often I curse my stature.

We head back down towards the city. Ameira is clearly ecstatic. I comment on it jokingly. Of course she’s gonna be. Her one true god is awake, and is cleansing his forest. I express my pleasure at having been a part of it. It finally feels like we’ve actually got a chance at fixing whatever happened to this world, and our path is laid out ahead of us. Ally ourselves with the Elves. Find and release my kin from their prisons. Determine and ritualize Malaar’s magical hot spots. Continue.

Our efforts are paying off.

It feels good.



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