A Light in the Dark


Sayeeda's thoughts

It’s been over a year since I was banished from the Prime. To the Plane of Fire. Why there? Why? Why didn’t Nameless grab me as before? Why did Pyrico ignore me?


The toxic gases stole my strength. Their cruelty stole my freedom. And yet I refused to die. I refused to break. And Pyrico didn’t lift a talon nor fluff a tail feather to help me.

I was alone. I knew how Mom felt when she was stolen. I have felt that loss and rage.

And I was abandoned.

I plotted. I schemed. My hands are covered with blood. My hair is shortened by the theft I committed. And I am free.

Free and fleeing.

Damn the cruel Efreets. Damn the scheming Salamanders. Damn the treacherous Mephits. Damn the complacent Azers. Damn them all to the frozen lake of Stygia and may the devils cackle as they consume the bastards. Mother’s Father had supposed allies yet none would aid me. I escaped.

Weeks. No months ago I escaped. I killed some. I stole much. And yet I couldn’t get my Father’s ring. Will he forgive me? Will my siblings forgive me not regaining something so dear?

Something that can link us for that bastard. Link me.

I’m not going back. I will not dwell on the ever changing pit.

Weeks ago I managed to find the rumoured tear between the Fire Realm and Shadowplane. It’s cooler here. A lot cooler. I’m thankful I figured out how to warm myself. I’m glad for the travel cloak and its magic.

And the beings here burn. I will not get recaptured. I must get back to the Prime. Nameless! Hear me Nameless? I need your help. Please.

They now stay away from me. I’m strong enough to summon fire and cloak myself in the flames. Fire hurts them bad. And their cold yet not cold claws don’t hurt me as bad as they would a human. I think, I suspect that there’s something from this Realm in my Grandfather’s line. His blood memories are harder to access than my Grandmother’s. But the knowledge I can recall does help me.

The shades are angered by my presence. My warmth angers them. My life enrages them.

And yet I believe not that it’s one of them that I can sense.

Did I remember too late that while Nameless has an abode on this realm, that Kahstol also resides here? Or is it something that was sent to bring me back? Or something entirely new?

Today, I felt the rage and malevolence pop into existence. It’s distant. But I think I can feel it trying to track me. I just got into the portion of the Shadowplane that resembles parts of Vrynith Kareel. I must go further before I find a way back to the Prime.

I will get back.



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