A Light in the Dark

History Will Repeat if it's Not Taken to Heart

They refused my mother, and now they refuse me

It is good to have the memories of my family and Sslith’lac quiet. I know it’s only temporary, thank you Ylena.

I awaken to breakfast in bed. Phearon is trying to woo me, how sweet. We head out, looking to spar, but ran into Jern. An idea has been kicking around: the abandoned city. It’s elven, it’s beautiful and I’m certain a mage with the right skills would be able to learn a forgotten history. I want to make it an outpost. I have an eye on a building to make mine… I will need a safe place to perform higher level rituals. One that is synched to my lineage, since Mother’s is out of my reach I must make my own.

I ask Jern if he thinks Dwarves would use it, fix it and perhaps live there for a spell. Phaeron agrees that there’s merit. Jern made a comment that I took wrong; I thought he was insulting the Elven craftsmanship. I reminded him that I’m half elven.

So we went to talk to the lady elder, and she wouldn’t even consider it. No outsiders near their village. The forest is theirs.

I pointed out several facts:

  • Pyrico hatched down there. His followers are very likely to be enroute to pay homage to the God of Fire.
  • Both Nameless and Warmonger have been amongst them. For my people, that would be a clear sign that stuff will need to change. Apparently not to these people.
  • The Kabal know of the elven island. They clearly won their first fight, and the elves are not yet ready to fight. Having reinforcements close by is a good thing.
  • The Kabal have already wiped out most of the free people in the time of their slumber. Pretty much, the Kabal have won, and we’re refusing to go down quietly.
  • The city is not directly under the island. So those that end up in residence would not be trespassing onto the island.
  • After they refused my mother’s gentle suggestion to ally, they lost their God AND had to flee into stasis.

Pretty much, she and perhaps the council are going to doom their people.. I wasted time and energy. And I’m angry. Great, I really know how to wreck things further. But Jern is right. Perhaps we should just take the town they forgot about, seal the tunnels that lead to the island and to the Abyss with the elves.

Though I will say, yes! I did garner eyes to the forest. Pyrico is FIRE not air. Fire is VISIBLE. It is a force. And I ensured that it was covered by my signature. Which as the Efreet pointed out that’s not a good thing. But I choose to bite my tongue.

Phaeron gets us out of there. No doubt he’s hoping Lheare will be able to win them over. I mutter under my breath a desire to see things burn, but I refrained from it. Good thing Daniel was sleeping or whatever he does before the noon. I quietly pack up my things and ensure everyone is ready to head out. I want to get to killing Kabal and strengthening us. We perhaps should run sparring drills… We need to learn how to compliment our strengths.

We are seen off the island by a quiet yet polite elf. The ship is a ship… Too close to the water, but I keep to myself. I could have flown over, but the elf wouldn’t like that. And I am certainly not wanting to be in my natural form around them.

Travel through the forest was easy. Too easy. Pyrico had indeed vanquished all the traps and beasties unnatural. And game is plentiful. We get something daily, the remains salted to use as rations when we hit the plains. It’s rather nice.

Each night I teach Stromic to those interested. Then help Jern as he needs to learn my Mother’s tongue. Then I sit and learn from Sslith’lac. I need to mellow my anger. He’s a monk and begins teaching me centering techniques.

Looks like we will be on the plains tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the start of our battle to get to the Maelstrom and this place called Ironhold.



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