A Light in the Dark

Burning fur is the WORST

Hello, you have more legs than me.

Short entry.
Spider venom is potent shit. ‘Specially when from one the size of a fucking house.
Should’ve bagged some.
Oh well.

Note to self: Ignore last note to self and pull out the damn cloak. Chances of lightning strike minimal. Repeat instances even more so. Fuck your odds, Shinji.

If I get struck AGAIN, giving it to Wingy. She can… dunno, make traps or shit.

GODDAMN, I need a town. Need cure potions. Desperately.
Gold can’t keep people alive.

Cuz, Lady, these guys are nice. Stupidly so. Nicer than Scalpel.

This mutherfuckin forest is NOT NICE. No matter what Wingy says.

I’m gonna start having happy dreams about cobblestones and lintels. No regrets. NONE.

Note to self: Give Wingy one of the ring gates. Just. Reasons. Mid-battle reasons. Can’t remember.

Nts: Remember reasons and confirm decision (May have to do with house-sized spider and giant-ass spider golem)(Or fire).

Nts: Find town. Send letter to Svorak.
SEND IT DAMMIT. He should know.

Really hope shifting from half to full wolf will get rid of the burnt fur smell. On the verge of passing out.

Here goes.



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