A Light in the Dark

A Friend Made

Enter the shadow ermine

How much farther must I go before I reach the overlap of the Drell Plains?

It’s been weeks, no months. A few I think, since the Hunter popped into existence. I can feel its presence getting stronger. It’s big. It’s mean. And it means me great harm.

I can travel faster than it, but I need to sleep. It doesn’t.

Conclusion: it’s a construct or undead.

And it’s powerful. My reveries are interrupted now by visions of gnashing teeth, blood dripping claws. I am not powerful enough yet to destroy it. And the lack of rest is starting to wear on me. I almost crashed into a shadow tree the other day.

I continue to fly in my natural form in the shadowed skies. So many shades of grey, my natural ruby skin is a sharp contrast. And that’s perhaps how I attracted her.

A weasel like creature. It doesn’t fear me, nor does it attack me. I’ve started sharing my meals with it. Perhaps I’ll enact the ritual of binding and make it my familiar. It’ll be nice to have something to talk to.

Perhaps it can show me shortcuts and keep watch. Or at least help me keep my mind focused on escaping.

I can see a mountain range in the distance. If I’m correct if I follow it I’ll find the Shyk Valley, Havaar and eventually the Phelmyr. But I’ve noticed something strange, the travelling is slowing down, like in a nightmare. I think I should make the hills in three or four days, but if the slowness continue, it could be weeks. Or worse, months. My siblings don’t have months! Its been too long already!

Thanks to the cloak, I won’t run out of supplies, but, the Hunter will creep closer. Can I lose it? Flying, I leave no trail. But I keep traveling in the same direction. Perhaps I should change direction? Where shall I go?

Why did Aunt Lorelei banish me? She could have easily killed or captured me. Too easily. But yet, I’ve been banished. I’ve been… Gah! Focus.

I know I need help, yet I dare not call to the Elemental Lords. I felt something fell travel the plains two days ago. I hid in a burrow the ermine showed me. We didn’t move for hours, which costed me distance. The Black Unicorn is on the move. This really doesn’t bode good for the Prime.

I think I will enact the ritual early tomorrow. It’ll be nice to have something to talk to.



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